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Have you noticed the amount of astrology information that is circulating online? Whether you’re a skeptic or a strong believer, it seems the ads are targeting everyone these days. Tap on a link and they promise they’ll have your answers to just about anything in your life.

One day, out of sheer boredom, I clicked on one of those astrology sites. Why not? I wanted to know what the hype was all about and figure out why folks were so caught up in “finding their higher selves”. I admit, I was one of those individuals that rolled their eyes (still do at times) when an astrologer warned us about the coming days and all the turmoil we’re going to face as a global community because the planet of Mars is creating chaos or if Pluto (a jerk-ish planet) decided to highlight the garbage in my life. For the most part, I used to excuse it as pure coincidence and/or just an astrologer’s luck who somehow managed to fit those current problems on a pretty colorful chart. Everything from your financial woes to your love life can be analyzed astrologically. Bullshit, right? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Then, I decided I needed to read more about my sun sign, gemini, and see if there’s some truth to all of this star talk. I’m often referred to as the chatty sign of the bunch and in many respects this is very accurate. I mean, I’m blogging, right? My mind is a constant circus of thoughts and I’d like to believe I’m the Ringmaster of my own brain but there’s that twin thing, remember? The duality that I have to live with and deal with daily…the not-so-nice twin.

Next, it led me to read more about my ascendent and moon signs. The ascendent sign is “the mask” we wear and how our friends and family perceive us. The moon sign highly impacts our emotions, especially us complex females (The tides! Ebb and flow! Mood swings perhaps?). Regardless of which gender you may identify with, masculine or feminine, the moon will impact you in some way.

Now, I’m no expert; however, I’ve read enough to understand that I don’t roll my eyes any longer. There’s enough information that has transpired that I simply can’t ignore or excuse as coincidental or a cheap trick. It turns out our astrological birth chart really is another unique blue print (just like our finger prints) that offers us more insight. It’s a tool, similar to that of a clock, only our astrological clock offers us much more details. I believe each of us is a significant and unique speck of energy. We are a part of this global community, therefore making us part of this massive universe. Yes, it’s crazy-big, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind on all of this.

So, why care? Well, here’s my take: I’ve learned that when you open yourself up to astrology, there are valuable perspectives that may help you in a positive way. It’s like discovering an unexpected GPS guide that you’re already born with. It’s quite amazing! You not only learn about yourself, but also about others and the world around you.

I’m going to add a couple of links at the bottom that I recommend. I encourage anyone that reads this to take the time and research their own astrological birth chart. Sure, it’s for fun, but I’m sure you’ll learn so much more. Make sure you enter your birthdate and you’ll see what your unique birth chart looked like the day you were born. From there you can google the placements of planets/houses, their meaning, and so much more!

I’d love to hear about your own charts and anything new you learned about your sign. Please feel free to comment and share.


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