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A Sense of Purpose and Graduate School

I haven’t blogged like I said I would. My original goal was once every two weeks. However, life and unexpected hurdles happened so I had to put the blog idea away.

I finished grad school and I’ve been actively looking for a “real” job (whatever that means). Needless to say, the expectations and competition are much higher (and crazier) after you jump the graduate level hurdle. The paperwork can be tedious, lengthy, and at times redundant. Lately, I’ve had family and friends constantly ask me if I’ve landed that big job yet (especially the ones that didn’t go to college). I’m going to be real here. Some are just straight up nosy and hang on every little tidbit I share; some are genuinely happy and optimistic for me; some hope I fail so that they can say “See! I told you college was a waste of time!” (a classic case of projection of their own insecurities, but I can’t worry about this); the majority have forgotten, I think.

Three thoughts and reasons to enter graduate school: First and foremost, do it because you’re passionate about your subject matter. Second, don’t do it because you’re hoping for that higher six-figure salary (the odds are against you!). Third, don’t do it because you’re trying to compete with type-A-Sharon who’s constantly gloating about her achievements. It’s not worth it and you’ll only be happy for maybe the first semester.

Two individuals, that I know well, went to big-name schools only to discover it really wasn’t what they wanted to do long term. Now they feel obligated to see it through because of the great opportunity to attend a prestigious school. They feel stuck and are stuck with big loans. If they had the chance to do over, they would’ve chosen a completely different path. It’s unfortunate. One is upfront of their mistake, the other is still coming to terms with it.

This is a level of education that you should earn and work for from the heart. Why? Because regardless of the outcome, you win no matter what. Sure, you have to work to survive but no one can take away your knowledge, especially if it’s something you are passionate about. You’ll defend it and cherish it until the day you die. Dramatic? Sure, but it’s the truth we need to hear. This is a reminder from a stranger to say NO to med school or law school or whatever school you know won’t make you happy if your heart is not in it.

Before committing to a graduate school, have a serious conversation with yourself. Write down your life goals. Write down what makes you HAPPY and UNHAPPY. I promise you, you will not make a mistake if you are genuine in your answers.

I believe the universe strives to work for us but only if we are true to ourselves. Things will work out with little effort because it will feel right and not like work, especially if your intention is set from an honest place.

Remember, make sure your mind is connected with your heart when it comes to big life decisions. Your sense of purpose should always come from the heart. Trust it, you’ll never regret it.

Aurora 💜

💜You’re not alone. If you or anyone you know is thinking about hurting themselves please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)💜

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